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Stay on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco



Scuba diving in Morocco is one such pleasure you just don't want to miss while on a visit to this magnificent North African country. Neither the Atlantic nor the Mediterranean coasts of Morocco are well known for its diving, but Moroccan diving sites have their own story to tell... It's one of the rare countries of North and West Africa that has so much to offer, in terms of aquatic adventure, to the tourists.

One of the reasons why scuba diving in Morocco has a bright future is the occurrence of favourable geographical conditions in the Straits of Gibraltar, which facilitates some spectacular views of rich oceanic treasures. However, when it comes to finding a world-class scuba diving center in Morocco, the going gets tough, particularly if you are looking for a diving center in Morocco that also offers specialized training.

Diving center in Morocco that is well equipped with modern equipment and offers world-class diving services to the tourists in the country. It has dished out an elaborate curriculum for the first-time divers, which includes try dives, so that the initial fear of diving is taken care of by the professional trainers. The professional scuba diving courses are hallmarks of this diving center in Morocco. And the best part is the highly affordable price structure it offers on different diving experiences.

There are not many Morocco diving sites. Thus, you can be rest assured that you get to enjoy the heavenly beauty of under-sea life along with your trainer in an uncrowded manner. Though experience in diving is not a constraint while scuba diving in Morocco, there are still some sites that are suitable for experienced divers only.

Some of the magnificent attractions under water in Morocco plenty of fish species, like dolphins, grouper, conger eel, moray eel, sea bream, barracuda etc. Besides, the amazing natural architecture of under-water features is something that is so very unique to Morocco diving sites. Tourists from around the globe now have another reason to visit this heavenly destination.

From the beginning of April to the end of October.

You may get a flight to Tangier or, in June, July and August, to Tétouan airport.
We also welcome you to the airports of Casablanca and Fez, but the transfer will be at your expense.

For practical reasons, the picnic is in your care for 2 or 3 € (copious) because a supermarket is 10 meters from the dive center. You buy what you like and packaged in a practical way because the wrapping of a picnic by the fact capita risk at sea, not to be operational and somewhat heavy to digest!..

One dive costs €22 payable to the diving club. You can make up to 2 dives a day. Equipment rental (if needed) costs €7 per day.

Tip: Ramadan is a fantastic time to come: few people are diving, and equipment rental is heavily discounted.

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Study of a marine map shows that the underwater relief in the strait of Gibraltar is deeper and steeper on the Moroccon coast than on that of Spain. The tectonic plate of northern Africa, from which the Rif mountain chain was formed, continues to shift towards Europe.
The Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean in the strait of Gibraltar. This creates a constant surface current predominantly eastwards (1.5 knots average) because the Mediterranean Sea is warmer than the Atlantic, and evaporates at a rate that cannot be as quickly replaced by the rivers flowing into the Mediterranean Sea. A number of currents are created, in addition to the tides of the Atlantic ocean, carrying food for marine fauna and flora.
The richness of these waters makes them a favoured crossing point for wildlife, such as dolphins, pilot whales, orcas and whales. There is also a third stream, deep one, which goes from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean. This current is due to the difference in density between the two bodies of water (a few thousandths, but it suffices). Furthermore, the verticality of the relief, added to the effect of the tides, prevents fishermen from dredging the bottom and laying nets.
The Strait of Gibraltar is a crossing point of choice for many marine mammals. The richness of its waters can be set at one year population of dolphins, pilot whales, orcas and whales. The fish also abound: grouper, conger, moray eels, bream, bass, snapper, bream, etc.. A trip to the auction of the port of Tangier will give you a good idea of the diversity of wildlife. Flora side, everyone who has been diving in Morocco will tell you the fields of sea fans, sponges and coral are real!

About The Author: Boubker Badr is scuba diving training and protection of local underwater fauna and flora in Morocco.


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